Workshops planed in Greece:

  • Workshop 1 Plan for the meetings, learn about skills
  • Workshop 2 Digital skills for teachers and students in a modern classroom
  • Workshop 3: Delphi (ancient oracle) Oracle versus critical thinking in ancient Greece
  • Workshop 4: Studying and analysing material of the play

Workshops planed in Germany:

  • Workshop 1: Think about Digital Skills advantages and disadvantages
  • Workshop 2: Skills needed for your dream job – check the market,
  • Workshop 3: STEM for Group 1 – EV 3 Beginner, Plan the meetings, Group 2: Creativity and Art
  • Workshop 4: Seminar with an Specialist in Germany: maybe talk to an Olympic Winner or learn about good Behaviour 

Workshops planed in Portugal:

  • Workshop 1: skills needed in the past, present and future
  • Workshop 2: new jobs for the future.
  • Workshop 3: Robotics club. Activities
  • Workshop 4: critical thinking about the traditional and the technological

Workshops planed in Spain:

  • Workshop 1: Work with WordPress
  • Workshop 2: Entrepreneurship, vision and leadership.
  • Workshop 3: new jobs for the future. Learn about what are the tendencies in labour market. Discuss them.
  • Workshop 4: STEAM project. Build a project using STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) skills in international collaboratively teams. Students must show what skills do they perform better.

Workshops planed in Estonia:

  • Workshop 1 – EV  3 upgrade level programming – J. Ilves
  • Workshop 2  – KiVa program introduction and ways of implementation (team building/tolerance/good behaviour) – N. Noskova
  • Workshop 3: Web police-constable – speaking about safety in the Internet Environment, panel discussion.
  • Workshop 4: Noored kooli program idea and implementation in schools – M. Mägi Soomer

Workshops planed in Latvia:

  • Workshop 1/ Workshop 2 by groups (creative and lateral thinking)
  • Workshop 1/ Workshop 2 by groups (creative and lateral thinking
  • Interviewing/ real problemsituation simulator