Ventspils 3.vidusskola – Latvia

Ventspils 3.vidusskola represents a state-funded, day school, which is situated near the Baltic sea. The aim of our school is to provide our students with qualitative education, inspiring them to achieve the best results in their studies and become multilingual, tolerant and highly educated citizens, successful in any profession. We are interested in sharing and exchanging our experience with colleagues in Latvia and abroad. The curriculum of our school is developed according to the humanistic approach to teaching and traditions of classical education, especially concentrating on the study of languages and science. Our school is well equipped with computing facilities and modern technologies. Various lessons are often organized using IT technologies in specially equipped computer rooms. All our students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities at the basic school level. Our objective is to expand international relationship opportunities. Our school educational plan includes the increase in developing school image through participating in international exchange projects. The core of the team will be composed of mainly three people: school principal, vice principal and an English teacher. All our school teachers will be impacted by this project and will deal with the topic within their lessons: the project will integrate different subjects. An important and essential school’s experience: guests’ reception, making presentation of creative and innovative activities, participation in international projects and scientifically practical conferences, conducting international dialogue. The school has hosted high-ranked state authorities (the President of Latvia, the Chairman of the European Union, ministers of education, educational institutions’ administration in the Euro-community – headmasters, deans), as well as pupils and students from abroad. We have been involved in Erasmus+ programmes: KA1 (for teachers – improving English skills 2014-2016), Comenius school partnership and Comenius Regio partnership (2012-2015) and this year we will finish our Erasmus+ KA2 project with France, Portugal and Romania. All teachers, who will participate in this project, has a lot of experience, and has taken part in Erasmus+ and Regio strategic partnership.