Staatliche Realschule Bobingen – Germany

Staatliche Realschule Bobingen is a public secondary school located in a small city with natural surroundings and a commercial area. In this school are around 700 students in the age from10 to 16 years, traditionally more boys than girls. Students come from Bobingen, Augsburg (a bigger city 10 km away) and the villages around. There is a number of immigrant students, a few students with physical disabilities who are well integrated, our students from all different social layers and backgrounds and different religions. The Staatliche Realschule Bobingen provides a wide general education as well as basic knowledge of vocational education. Pupils can elect between four subjects’ branches: Natural Sciences and mathematical branch, economic branch, Language branch, design branch. This type of school qualifies students for upper secondary education. Our students find work in Companies with different large-scale enterprises worldwide, for example mechanical engineering companies MAN, KUKA-Robotics so it would be good for our students to have foreign experience and well-trained skills. In the economic situation now only very few students remain without a future perspective, students without perspective mostly have social problems. Realschule Bobingen is open for the European idea and will support Projects.

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