Lasnamäe Gümnaasium – Estonia

We are one of the biggest schools in Tallinn, Estonia. Our school has almost 1300 students (aged 7-19) and more than 100 teachers. We see our mission in teaching our students with active modern methods and we do support them in case they need our assistance and help. The school is divided into Primary (grades 1-3), Secondary (grades 4-9) and Upper-Secondary (grades 10-12). We are actively applying language immersion method (we are a Russian school, but we have classes that are taught in Estonian), we actively apply cross-curricular approach and we also actively develop our national curriculum approach – we learn everywhere, which means that we try to arrange as many lessons outside of the school building as possible. We have a modern school building renovated in 2015, which is supplied with a high number of various facilities, such as 2 gyms, Chemistry/Physics laboratory, 3 classes with computers for language learning, computer class for robotics and two computer classes for other lessons, Biology class, a library, a swimming pool, etc. We are proud participants of numerous local programs devoted to language immersion and various teaching methods. Last year we started a new local project, which is aimed at sharing best practices among Estonian teachers and the event takes place in our school. We are ready to share our experience not only locally, but also internationally, so that we would be able to apply more and more contemporary teaching approach and spread European values more thoroughly. We have relatively little experience in international projects. Last academic year (2018) our school was visited by 20 Swedish school headmasters in order to find out about our experience and success in PISA tests. In 2018 and 2019 we were participating in Erasmus+ contact seminars in order to find partners for international projects. Unfortunately, up to now we have not participated in Erasmus+ projects, but we really hope to succeed. We are extremely motivated to join this project as we are convinced that the partners involved are of high interest for us and will be able to show us and teach something new. Also, we are supporting our teachers in lifelong learning, which helps them to keep up to date with the latest educational trends. The topic of the project is also crucial for the whole world community, as out fast-changing requires more and more skills and extremely quick adaptation to the new innovations and trends. We, as teachers, should be able to provide students with not only good academic performance, but also be able to support our students in every field possible. In order to be able to approach the issue not only locally but in a more global sense, we strive for participating in the project.  

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