Escola L’Avet Roig – Catalonia – Spain

Escola l’Avet Roig is a private school in Sant Celoni, a town of 17000 inhabitants, surrounded by nature and located 50 km from Barcelona.

The school was born in 1966 with the aim of founding a Catalan school based on active pedagogy.

 It provides education from 3- to 16-year-old students. We have about 35 people in staff and 340 students. From September 2021 we will expand our school to provide education from 16 to 18 years old and we expect to have 460 students from 3 to 18 years old. 

Our families come from a wide variety of social backgrounds. Some of them  migrants coming from African countries and South America.

Our main priority as a school is to share the values which will allow the students to take full advantage of life. 

We highlight the importance of the skills the students will need in their future jobs, which may not yet exist. Logical thinking and the use of English will be key points to ensure their success. Moreover, the ability to work collaboratively, express themselves in front of a public audience, and problem solve creatively, will be needed to create a successful career.

Our Educational Project is defined by the word CREIX (that means grow): Creativity, Reason, Expression, Internationalization, and the taste for reading.

Therefore, we develop our Educational Project by empowering our students so that they are free, autonomous, critical and committed men and women. We always have the participation of families and the help of an incomparable environment such as Montseny Natural Park to make a close, active and experiential learning, respecting at all times the individual evolution of the student. This project has as essential values ​​work, creativity, freedom, responsibility, personal autonomy, solidarity and acceptance of individual and collective diversity. We have a great pedagogical team that allows us to offer a quality education focused on the ability to achieve a valuable life project, to develop academically and to enrich themselves personally. 

Although the school has been running etwinning projects at all stages of education for a couple of years now, this will be the first KA2 project in which we will take part. We started it with great enthusiasm and with the conviction that it will be totally productive and beneficial not only for the school but also for our environment.

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